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A Long-Winded Tale of Long Walks in the Park

So today I made a mobile post to Harry’s account while out for a walk.  I was gone for two hours in 30 degree weather, while it was snowing.  It’s something I do every day—I’ve actually been known to go out in outright blizzards to do this.

On a whim, I’m putting off travel preparations for just a bit to ramble about why I do this.  The process is entirely about day dreaming up stories, and I thought I’d share this with my fellow writers for the hell of it.

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A job. I haz it.

I haven’t updated this account for a while, so it feels funny that I’m writing this mostly to tell my RP buddies why I might not be around too much XD

So for a few months, I’m going to be volunteering at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado.  I’m moving into the dorms up there for the duration of the job, and I’ve been told there’s a chance that the volunteer work could turn into a paying position after I get some experience.  So I may be up there even longer!

Naturally, having a job means I won’t be able to spend all day on Tumblr (I take some breaks from it to do other stuff from time to time, anyway.)  I’m gonna be working 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, but I’ll still have some time off to see you all, and I’m totally free on weekends.  So I’ll be offline for long periods of time, but I’ll still be around!

Just wanted to let you know I love you all and I’m still gonna talk to you as much as I can :3 Talking and RPing with you all means a lot to me, so even though I might not have time to Tumblr with you all on occasion, I’m still here.


  • Me:

    I'm asexual. I romantically like men and I identify as grey-asexual leaning towards demi.

  • Straight Guy #1:

    LOL no, you're straight, you like men, you said it yourself!

  • Straight Guy #2:

    Asexual? I can fix that.

  • Straight Guy #3:

    So do you want dick or not?

  • My Family:

    Oh. We thought you were just a frigid prude who hates sex and anyone having it. You're still not normal though.

  • Straight Female #1:

    You need to give up on that "no sex" thing, guys like sex and if you want a man, you'll just have to have sex.

  • Straight Female #2:

    You just haven't had good sex yet. Once you orgasm during sex, that'll fix it.

  • Asexual Female:

    Demisexuality is problematic and doesn't exist. Stop shoehorning in on our space.

  • Straight Guy #4:

    You might like sex with me though! Wanna try it? You never know if you don't try.

  • Gay Female:

    You might like sex with girls though! Wanna try it with me? You never know if you don't try.

  • Straight Guy #5:

    You just have a low libido.

  • Gay Guy:

    Asexual? Really? How does that even work?

  • Straight Guy #6:

    I'm so sick of labels and everyone needing a million labels for themselves. You're just heterosexual, geez.

  • Bisexual Female:

    Get out of our space, you like men and you're just a heterosexual special snowflake!

  • Straight Guy #7:

    But you get crushes on fictional characters and wrote erotica, that's not asexual!

  • What I wish people would say:


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